Install laravel with specific version

In this snippet I will provide a code snippet to help you install specific version of laravel based on what you need

Get results with 2 relationships Laravel

In this snippet I will teach you how to get results with query with 2 relationships in laravel

Data scraping using guzzle HTTP

This snippet will teach you how to scrape data from any website using guzzle http with php

Laravel Validation unique rule with condition

In this snippet I will teach you how to create unique validation related to another column

Load two ajax request at the same time

Sometimes, you might need to call two ajax requests at the same time or request, here is a good example to do so

add Or Inject values to a request array or object

In some cases you might want to inject extra values to the request object that already is holding a form data for example, to do so there are numerous ways, here are some:

Auto logout after certain amount of inactivity

If you wish you application to auto logout after a certain amount of time the user is inactive on it, here is a sample code that will work in laravel.

Laravel pagination on array

In case you have an array and would like to create pagination over it here is a user sample code.

laravel validation date after or equal today

In this snippet I will teach you how to validate the date to be equal or after today with localization