Eloquent query with multiple withs or with with within a hirarchy

Some time, you may need to get a record with some relationship and at the same time you need to get an inner relationship to that relationship and so forth. Here is the key : $records->with(['bill', 'bill.sponsor', 'bill.sponsorSenator', 'bill.sponsor.actions']).

How to get collection by array of IDs

At this snippet I will teach you how to get laravel collection with your wanted records by using an array of IDs with default sorting and disabled sorting

Passing javascript array to laravel controller in URL

this snippet will teach you how to pass javascript array from javascript to laravel controller in the url and how to get that array back in laravel controller

Using datatables with examples

Here are different examples on how to use datatables library into your laravel project controllers.

Create toggle button using bootstrap

You can only add the .min.css & .min.js files from the following library to your head code of the page and you will have a toggle button from a check-box. The only thing you need to do for a check-box to be turned into a toggle button is to add the ( data-toggle="toggle" ) attribute to it. Reference : https://www.bootstraptoggle.com/

Remove select box options

In order to remove all the options of a select box use the following snippet.

Reload page using JS

If you need to reload the current page using JS, use on the following suggestions

javascript convert datetime to date and time

this snippet will teach you how to convert datetime to time and date individually

Setting current date for a date input type box in a modal

this snippet will teach you how to set current date and current datetime in input date and input datetime-local specially on fire bootstrap modal

jquery reset select to first option

this snippet will teach you how to select first option of select element specially on real time or ajax response