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Last Updated : 2024-06-25 19:06:30

Sometimes you will need to order the eloquent results based on a relationship for example posts and categgories. Here are different ways to do so based on this laravel daily video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRi1-RYnQ7A

  1. First method, the best is to use join on the eloquent like this :
    $products = Product::select(['products.*', 'categories.name as category_name'])
    ->join('categories', 'products.category_id', '=', 'categories.id')
    ->orderBy('categories.name', 'asc')
    -> paginate(10)​

  2. Second way using the relationship in the orderby itself and using the whereColumn method, this is less effective way:
    $products = Product::with(Category)
    ->orderBy(category::select('name')->whereColumn('category.id', 'products.category_id'))

  3. Third way, which is convinient but lett effective and resource consuming, is to use the sortBy method on collection, but you will have to get all the records first, which is memory consuming ofcourse, and then you will have to forget about paginate() and instead use take()
    $products = Product::with(Category)

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