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Last Updated : 2024-04-16 14:48:47

Here is a list of a quick guide for almost all important artisan commands that can be used to make it easy to go a long with new laravel application

  • Make Controllers, Models and resource controller
    php artisan make:model Bill -m // (Create a model along with a migration)
    php artisan make:model post -mcrsf // (Migration + Controller + Resource for controller + seeder + factory)
    php artisan make:controller BillController --resource --model=Bill //(Create a resource controller and assign a model)

  • Models
    protected $fillable = ['field1', 'field2'];

  • DataBase Migrations, RollBacks, and Seeding
    php artisan db:seed
    php artisan db:seed --class=MembersandsenatorSeeder //Specific Seeder class

    php artisan migrate
    php artisan migrate:refresh
    php artisan migrate:refresh --path=/database/migrations/fileName.php //Specific migration file
    php artisan migrate:rollback
    php artisan migrate:rollback --step=3

    ############################################################### Migration
    public function up(): void
    Schema::create('bills', function (Blueprint $table) {
    // $table->char('prefix', 2);chamber is a replacement
    $table->enum('type', ['Senate Government Bill','Senate Public Bill','Senate Private Bill','House Government Bill','Private Members Bill','House Private Bill']);
    $table->enum('chamber', ['senate','house'])->default('senate');

    $table->comment('For both Federal and Provincial bills');

    // $table->id('user_id'); //Will create a primary bigincrement unsigned and you can pass a column name (optional)
    // $table->enum('prefix', ['s', 'c']);
    // $table->foreignId('user_id');
    // $table->foreignIdFor(User::class);
    // $table->set('flavors', ['strawberry', 'vanilla']);
    // $table->string('name', 100); //varchar equivalent
    // $table->lineString('legislativeSummaryURL');
    // $table->tinyInteger('parl'); //-128 - 127
    // $table->smallInteger('votes'); //-32768 - 65535
    // $table->bigInteger('id'); //-2(32) - 2(32)

    // $table->foreign('category_id')->references('id')->on('categories');
    // $table->foreignId('bill_id')->nullable()->constrained()->onUpdate('CASCADE')->onDelete('CASCADE'); //[CASCADE|RESTRICT|NO ACTION|SET DEFAULT|SET NULL]

    // --------------------------------------- >>>> ADDING INDICES
    // $table->primary('id'); Adds a primary key.
    // $table->primary(['id', 'parent_id']); Adds composite keys.
    // $table->unique('email'); Adds a unique index.
    // $table->index('state'); Adds an index.
    // $table->fullText('body'); Adds a full text index (MySQL/PostgreSQL).
    // $table->fullText('body')->language('english'); Adds a full text index of the specified language (PostgreSQL).
    // $table->spatialIndex('location'); Adds a spatial index (except SQLite).

  • Routes, Route list
    php artisan route:list
    php artisan route:list --name=account [filter by name]
    php artisan route:list --method=GET

  • Request and Validation
    php artisan make:request StorePostRequest

    ------------------------------ Validation start
    'title'-> 'required',
    'post_text'-> 'required',

    @foreach($errors->all() as $error)
    ------------------------------ Validation end

    //------ Unique against table, field and ignore one specific model:
    1) return [
    'title' => "required|unique:posts,title,{$this->post->id}"
    2) return [
    'title' => [
    Rule::unique('posts', 'title')->ignore($this->post)
    3) 'name' => 'required|string|unique:chambers,name,'.$this->request->get('id'),

    use Illuminate\Validation\Rule;
    'bill_number' => ['required','numeric',
    Rule::unique('bills')->ignore($this->bill)->where('chamber_id', $this->chamber_id)

    //--------------- Value either in
    'chamber_type' => ['required',Rule::in(['federal', 'provincial'])],

  • Blade Directives and guides
    @section('sectionName') @endsection

    <option value="{{$category->id}}" @selected($category->id == $post->category_id)>{{$category->name}}</option>
    <input type="radio" name="aa" value="{{$category->id}}" @checked($category->id == $post->category_id)>Text
    <input type="text" name="aa" value="{{$category->id}}" @disabled($category->id == $post->category_id)>

  • Redirection in Controllers and others
    return redirect()->route('categories.index');

  • General Info and Tips
    app\Http\Kernel.php  //[Has the middlewares]

  • Composer and dependencies
    composer require barryvdh/laravel-debugbar

  • Models & Controllers Codes
    //Update record in DB + with FormRequest Validation + and JSON response
    $chamber = Chamber::find($id);
    /* $success = ChamberModel::where('chamber_id', $currentId)->update([
    'chamber_id' => $id,
    'chamber_name' => $name,
    ]); */

    return response()->json($chamber, 201);

    //Send a response with 404

    //====================================== DELETING RECORDS
    App\Model::destroy([1, 2, 3]);
    App\Model::where('active', 0)->delete();
    $user = User::find(1);

  • Eloquent techniques :
    //Search By relationship, Here is it the 'company' 
    //Note: the relationship is not in an array more in 'with' method, otherwise it won't work
    $items = (new User())->newQuery();
    $items->where(function($q) use ($searchValue){
    $q->where("name" , 'like', "%{$searchValue}%");
    $q->orwhere("email" , 'like', "%{$searchValue}%");
    $q->orwhere("company_role" , 'like', "%{$searchValue}%");

    $q->orWhereHas('company', function($qCompany) use ($searchValue){
    $qCompany->where("name" , 'like', "%{$searchValue}%");

  • File Upload
    //Get file name and extension
    $file = Input::file('upfile')->getClientOriginalName();

    $filename = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_FILENAME);
    $extension = pathinfo($file, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

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