Laravel eloquent, query based on where AND OR inside it

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Last Updated : 2024-06-25 19:02:19

Some times you will need to create an eloquent where clause and inside that where you may need to add extra or where claused

Model::where(function ($query) use ($a,$b) {
$query->where('a', '=', $a)
->orWhere('b', '=', $b);
->where(function ($query) use ($c,$d) {
$query->where('c', '=', $c)
->orWhere('d', '=', $d);

//------------------------------ Another Example
$committeeTest = CommitteeModel::where("id","!=", $id)->where(function($q) use($name, $acronym){


$allCommitteeDocs = GovernmentResponsesModel::where('date', '>=', "$dateLimit")->with(['committee'])
'committee',function($billQ2) use ($memberId){
'favorites',function($favoritesQ) use ($memberId) {
->whereIn('entity_type',['committee', 'provincialcommittee'])
/* ->where(function($committeeQ) {
}) */

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Mohammed Anwar

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