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A jQuery ajax example

If you need to call a resource on the server using the jquery ajax technique, here is an example

Creating a loading div and hiding it - Ajax with loader

Here is a snippet for a function to create a loader or a loading div to be used with ajax request and then can also hide it.

Ajax with laravel

this snippet will explain how to create ajax requests with laravel specially with forms

create ajax request with file upload with formData

how to create ajax request without using serialize

Load two ajax request at the same time

Sometimes, you might need to call two ajax requests at the same time or request, here is a good example to do so

access validation flashed errors with ajax using XHR

In this snippet I will teach you how to get all validation flashed errors from form request validation using your custom request and receive it from ajax errors

How to open new tab with AJAX response and print it directly

In this snippet I will explain how to open a new tab with AJAX response and print it directly