Delete previous uploaded image when user uploading a new one

Delete previous uploaded image when user uploading a new one for profile picture (as example)

Upload Image and validate on it on laravel

how to upload image and validate on its properties and display it

Loop through a json object data using javascript or jquery

If you have a data object that is json encoded and need to iterate through the inner data objcets here are different suggestions

A jQuery ajax example

If you need to call a resource on the server using the jquery ajax technique, here is an example

Setup Git on remote and local server

Setup a git repository on your local and remote servers together, So that you can manage and upload your website directly from your local git repo to online repo.

Search in a multi-dimensional array

If you want to search for a value in a certian column in a multi-dimensional array, consider using one of the following examples.

Add Tags field in a bootstrap form

Whenever you need an input field, that will hold multiple tags-like words, by writing and pressing just Enter button, then you will definitely need this code snippet.

Aligning containers horizontallly

When designing a web page, alot of times you will need to put two or more divs or containers beside each other. The default behavior is that they will wrap under each other. in this snippet you will different methods to put them together without affecting other elements without intention.

Create eloquent query based on different criteria [Content needed]

Sometimes, you need to make an Eloquent query that is modified by adding different parts based on other criteria. A typical good example of this is when you submit an advanved search form elements, Then you will need to create a query and then add the criteria based on the different inputs from the form.

Use multiple select entries with filteration library

Sometimes you need to show & allow user a select box with multiple options to choose from, But sometimes also you need this to be filtered as there may be numerous options to choose from.