Remove select box options

In order to remove all the options of a select box use the following snippet.

Reload page using JS

If you need to reload the current page using JS, use on the following suggestions

javascript convert datetime to date and time

this snippet will teach you how to convert datetime to time and date individually

Setting current date for a date input type box in a modal

this snippet will teach you how to set current date and current datetime in input date and input datetime-local specially on fire bootstrap modal

jquery reset select to first option

this snippet will teach you how to select first option of select element specially on real time or ajax response

Control Laravel Jetstream & Fortify features

this snippet will teach you how to enable or disable jetstream or fortify features

AWS SES Credentials

When you need to use the email service provided by the AWS, you will have to subscribe to that service called SES, Simple Email Service. and when you need to access an online client to send and receive email message, you will have to use the Amazon WorkMail service. If you want to use the SES SMTP service credentials to send an email message programmatically using PHP, Laravel .. etc application. You will first have to have a username and a password. You can generate a username(Access Key ID) and a password (Secret access Key) from within AWS SES console, then SMTP Settings, then Create My SMTP Credentials button, then a user will be generated for you with the access keys, which will be available only for download this time. Now. You have an Access Key ID, and Secret Access Key. But this is not the password you will need, You have to convert this secret access key to a SMTP Password. To do so, You will have to use the following code snippets in your preferred programming language to generate the password.

Elastic beanstalk environment creation process

When creating an Elastic beanstalk environment, you might do things such as see the logs generated from the EC2 instance, deploy a composer install, give permissions for FTP connections, Run a php artisan command, add something to .ebextensions ..etc. In this article we will list some of these commands.

Suppress or hide the environment variables from error message screen

Some time when an error message is generated from Laravel application, it will contain sensitive data such as the database credentials, SMTP credentials and others. Top stop showing such sensitive data, add the following to your config/app.php

Disable click outside of bootstrap modal area to close modal

This snippet will teach you how to prevent modal close on clicking outside the bootstrap modal