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Fix: [nested] failed to find nested object under path [usersTagsArray]

Sometimes when searching multiple indices at once with one of those indices having a nested rule to be searched against, other indices that don't have this rule, will return an error like this : [nested] failed to find nested object under path [usersTagsArray], Here is the solution for it: inside the nested query it self use the following attribute to ignore it inside unmapped indices : "ignore_unmapped" : true,

BUG FIX: Elasticsearch is not working and closes immediately

I tries re-installing Elasticsearch 6.3.0 on my local server, and installed Java JDK, the most recent one, then when I try to start the Elasticsearch from installation folder/6.3.0/bin/elasticsearch.exe the cmd screen opens and immedietely closes. Here is the error : Unrecognized VM option 'UseConcMarkSweepGC'

Elasticsearch different url examples

Here are a sample list for different operations you might need to do with elatsicsearch indices.

Deleting and re-index an elasticsearch index in Laravel

If you need to change the mapping of an elasticsearch index, then you have to remove it first and then re-create and re-index it again. Here is how you can do this in a Laravel application.