Auto logout after certain amount of inactivity

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Last Updated : 2024-07-16 15:17:41

If you wish you application to auto logout after a certain amount of time the user is inactive on it, here is a sample code that will work in laravel.

<script src="{{asset('js')}}/jquery.js"></script>

@if (Route::getFacadeRoot()->current()->uri() != 'login')

// const timeout = {{config('session.lifetime')*60*1000}}; // 900000 ms = 15 minutes
// const timeout = 30000; // 900000 ms = 15 minutes
const timeout = "{{config('session.lifetime')*60*1000+2}}"; // 900000 ms = 15 minutes
var url="{{url('/sessionExpired')}}";
var idleTimer = null;
$('*').bind('mousemove click mouseup mousedown keydown keypress keyup submit change mouseenter scroll resize dblclick', function () {

idleTimer = setTimeout(function () {
location.href= url;
}, timeout);



Mohammed Anwar

Mohammed Anwar

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