Use multiple select entries with filteration library

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Last Updated : 2020-10-24 11:43:46

Sometimes you need to show & allow user a select box with multiple options to choose from, But sometimes also you need this to be filtered as there may be numerous options to choose from.

To create such a select with multiple select and filteration as well, you can use multi-select libryay

Note: You will need to include two files :

  • multiple-select.js

  • multiple-select.css

<script src="{{asset('js/multiple-select.js')}}"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{asset('css/multiple-select.css')}}">

$(theMultiFunction = function () {
multiple: true,
multipleWidth: 100,
filter: true,
minimumCountSelected: 3,
placeholder: 'Choose from the list',
delimiter: ', ',
formatSelectAll: () => '[Select all]',
formatAllSelected: () => 'All has been selected',
formatCountSelected: () => '# from % Chosen',
formatNoMatchesFound: () => 'NO results'

//Some Styling
$(".ms-drop").css('display', 'none');
$(".ms-drop").css('maxHeight', '400px');
$(".ms-drop").css('overflow', 'auto');
$(".ms-parent").css('width', '100%');
$(".ms-choice > span").css('textAlign', 'left');


Next, we can add/show the HTML select box as follows: 

<select class="w300 p-0 form-control p-0" multiple="multiple" name="chosenTags[]" id="chosenTags" >													
@if (isset($tags) AND count($tags))
@foreach ($tags as $tag)
<div class="form-check">
<option value="{{$tag}}">{{$tag}}</option>

That's it, Now you have a drop-down menu field, with multiple options to choose from after you filter the options.


Mohammed Anwar

Mohammed Anwar

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