Add Event and Event listener to Laravel

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Last Updated : 2024-07-16 15:15:02

If you need to create an event and its associated event listeners, here are the involved files:

  1. Create email blade template in views\mails (Can access all the data array by its keys as variables).
    Ex: resources\views\emails\userNotifications\BillEventChangeNotificationMail.blade.php

  2. Event (Add any number of params as you want) and make them as class variables so that they can be available to listeners later.
    EX: app\Events\EventNewPhaseAdded.php

  3. Listener (Will have access to the $event as aparameter, and it will surely have access to all the event parameters)(Add as many listeners as you want, all of them will run when the event occurs)
    EX: app\Listeners\ListenerBillPhaseChange.php

  4. In the Listener, we may send an email message. If so, then we will have to create app\Mail\BillEventChangeNotificationMail.php which can accept $data[] bypassed from the listener, which in turn was bypassed by the event.

  5. We can then from within the Mail file access the markdown and bypass this $dataArray

  6. Then attach events and listeners in the eventServiceProvider in app\Providers.

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Mohammed Anwar

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