Search in a multi-dimensional array

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Last Updated : 2021-09-16 18:48:51

If you want to search for a value in a certian column in a multi-dimensional array, consider using one of the following examples.

Here is a sample array structure :

$userdb = array(
'uid' => '100',
'name' => 'Sandra Shush',
'pic_square' => 'urlof100'
'uid' => '5465',
'name' => 'Stefanie Mcmohn',
'pic_square' => 'urlof100'
'uid' => '40489',
'name' => 'Michael',
'pic_square' => 'urlof40489'

You can use the php built-in function array_search() as follows :

$key = array_search('Value', array_column($array, 'columnName'));
$key = array_search('100', array_column($users, 'uid'));

Solution #2 : 
Create a function as follows :

function searchForId($id, $array) {
foreach ($array as $key => $val) {
if ($val['uid'] === $id) {
return $key;
return null;

//Function call
$id = searchForId('100', $userdb);

Solution #3:
You can use array_map instead of array_column in the first solution as follows:

$key = array_search('100', array_map(function($v){
return $v['uid'];

//For case In-sensitive searcg use the following :
$key = array_search(strtolower($searchValue), array_map(function($v){
return strtolower($v['uid']);

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