Creating and accessing email address on AWS

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Last Updated : 2021-09-16 19:31:06

In order to create and access email address and messages on AWS, you will need two services there : SES[Simple Email Service] and WorkMail to access this email address.

First thing to do is to add your domain and then creating a new email address. 

  1. Visit the Workmail service and add your organization.

  2. From left menu: Domains : add your domain or sub domain.

  3. From left menu: users, and create a new user [Email address] that will belong to one of the domains or subdomains included in your organizations, and fur sure choose a password.

  4. From left menu: Organization settings: visit the web application address in order to access your email inbox: 

  5. Now, you can access your email , by adding the user which is the name before @ sign and the password.

In order to make this email accessible from your web pages and code you have to sign this email on the SES services by doing this : 

  1. Visit SES service.

  2. Left menu : Email addresses : Verify a new email address 

  3. Add the email address and click verify to send a verification link on your inbox in the previous #4 step above

  4. Visit the email address box and click the verification link.

  5. Now you can use this email address in your code.

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Mohammed Anwar

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