routes: redirect “everything else” to homepage

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Last Updated : 2024-06-25 17:19:24

how to redirect “everything else” to homepage in routes file

We all know that file app/Http/routes.php is used for listing all possible routes we need for our application. But what if we need to define a rule for “everything else”? Like, we have a list of our routes, and if the URL doesn’t match any of those rules – we want to, for example, redirect to homepage instead of showing 404 error.

Actually, there’s a really simple “hack” for that. Basically, at the very end of your routes.php file you need to place the rule with where condition.

Like this:

function() { return redirect('/'); })
->where('query', '.*');

This line at the end of Routes file means that and URL query string that doesn’t match anything above that line – will redirect to homepage. Of course, you can change that function to throw any other kind of error, log something etc.

Mahmoud Anwar

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