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Deleting and re-index an elasticsearch index in Laravel

If you need to change the mapping of an elasticsearch index, then you have to remove it first and then re-create and re-index it again. Here is how you can do this in a Laravel application.

Elasticsearch different url examples

Here are a sample list for different operations you might need to do with elatsicsearch indices.

Sorting Elasticsearch indices based on a field that is not found nor mapped

Im my case, I wanted to sort results of the general search based on the most recent parliament number, then the most recent session number. This is fine as far as both fields are already mapped for all indices. But when the field is missing, such as in my case the parliament number, then you shall direct the elasticsearch to know how he will be doing with these missing fields in other indices, So here is how to tell it :

BUG FIX: Elasticsearch is not working and closes immediately

I tries re-installing Elasticsearch 6.3.0 on my local server, and installed Java JDK, the most recent one, then when I try to start the Elasticsearch from installation folder/6.3.0/bin/elasticsearch.exe the cmd screen opens and immedietely closes. Here is the error : Unrecognized VM option 'UseConcMarkSweepGC'

Restore deleted indices using Kibana

In case you found out that your ES domain indices have totally disappeared, here is how to restore them again using Kibana or curl.

Integrate Elasticsearch to laravel

Elasticsearch is one of the most commonly used packages for laravel for a better searching capabilities. Here is how to integrate ElasticSearch into your laravel application so that whenever you add/update/delete any record it will be automatically indexed and updated in the elasticsearch index.