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Create eloquent query based on different criteria [Content needed]

Sometimes, you need to make an Eloquent query that is modified by adding different parts based on other criteria. A typical good example of this is when you submit an advanved search form elements, Then you will need to create a query and then add the criteria based on the different inputs from the form.

Upload Image and validate on it on laravel

how to upload image and validate on its properties and display it

Reset password for admin or user manually on Laravel

Here is a brief overview on how to implement a reset password manually for users in Laravel application.

Custom validation error messages

In case you wanetd to change the error message of a validation rule in Laravel you can make use of the following snippet.

Laravel - Send Email Example

In order to send an email message from laravel, there are numerous ways to do so. Here is the least complicated one.

Laravel routes without index.php

Sometimes, in a laravel application you need to get rid of the index in the URL, If so you can use the following in your htaccess file in the root folder of your application.

Laravel pagination problem when deleting last item

when deleting the last record on pagination page , this will make that page be fully empty with no records ... this snippet will allow you to redirect to the main route when deleting the last record on pagination and the page is empty

Elastic beanstalk environment creation process

When creating an Elastic beanstalk environment, you might do things such as see the logs generated from the EC2 instance, deploy a composer install, give permissions for FTP connections, Run a php artisan command, add something to .ebextensions ..etc. In this article we will list some of these commands.

Laravel pagination on array

In case you have an array and would like to create pagination over it here is a user sample code.

Auto logout after certain amount of inactivity

If you wish you application to auto logout after a certain amount of time the user is inactive on it, here is a sample code that will work in laravel.

Laravel Artisan summary

Here is a list of a quick guide for almost all important artisan commands that can be used to make it easy to go a long with new laravel application