Send mail in laravel 10

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Last Updated : 2024-06-25 19:37:07

Here is a sample simple code to send email message in laravel

$data = array('name'=>'Roger Jackson', "date" => "01/01/2020", "myName"=>"Jack Hamelton"); //These array keys can be accessed directly in the blade template as variables/

Mail::send('emails.testEmail', $data, function($message) {
$message->to(config('app.NotificationEmailAddress'), config('app.NotificationEmailName'))
->subject('Test Email #'. rand(1, 1000));

Now create a blade template in resources/views/mail folder


This is a test message


{{ $myName }}
If you haven't asked for this request, please ignore this message completely.

Thank you

Mohammed Anwar

Mohammed Anwar

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