create pagination and display it in laravel

how to create pagination and correctly display it in laravel

multi auth logout in laravel

how to create working logout function specially for multi auth in laravel or for the admins

Json Data, stringfy, parse

IN javascript you can convert js data such as array into JSON using JSON.stringfy() , and back from JSON to js array using JSON.Parse, Here is the syntax :

Ajax with laravel

this snippet will explain how to create ajax requests with laravel specially with forms

Laravel - Send Email Example

In order to send an email message from laravel, there are numerous ways to do so. Here is the least complicated one.

mirror/flip in css

how to mirror or flip text or image with css

json_encode & JSON.parse

Sometimes, you will need to transform a php array into a json string in order to send it to a javascript code to work on it. In this case you will have to use the php built in function json_encode($phpArray) and then in javascript code, you have to transform this json string into an object so that you can iterate over it or do whatever you want with it, Now on javascript you can do this by using JSON.parse(allSearchableTags)

show right modal based on right error type

how to show right modal based on right error type specially in case that there are 2 modals on the same page

Custom validation error messages

In case you wanetd to change the error message of a validation rule in Laravel you can make use of the following snippet.